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Zero FG partners with The Players' Lounge

Griffin, Georgia — February 19, 2024 — Zero FG Energy Drinks, a pioneer in the health-conscious energy drink market, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with The Players' Lounge, an innovative sports company founded by esteemed Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between athletes and fans, offering unprecedented access to engaging, athlete-driven content. By combining Zero FG's commitment to health and wellness with The Players' Lounge's unique platform, this partnership is set to redefine the landscape of sports marketing and fan engagement.

Under the leadership of Aaron Murray, The Players' Lounge has quickly become a game-changer in how sports personalities connect with their audience. This partnership will leverage Murray's vision and the platform's reach to highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while pursuing athletic excellence. Zero FG Energy Drinks aligns perfectly with this mission, offering products that support peak performance without compromising on health. Together, Zero FG and The Players' Lounge will create compelling content that showcases the synergy between athleticism, wellness, and the energy needed to perform at one's best.

We are PUMPED to announce we have teamed with youth racing driver, @GraysonPayneRacing for the upcoming 2024 Race Season! The Zero FG sponsored #18 piloted by 6 year old Jr Honda driver Grayson Payne will compete in select NASCAR Youth Series events, Dixie Shootout Series events, & local events at North Georgia Quarter Midget Association!

🏎️ Keep an eye out for the #ZeroFGColors as Grayson zooms past the competition. His car, decked out in our signature branding, is a symbol of our shared values: speed, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

👨‍👦‍👦 Join us in cheering on Grayson as he embarks on this exciting journey. We're not just backing a young driver; we're fueling a dream and accelerating a bright future in motorsports.

Use code RacinGrayson for 20% off your order at ZeroFGEnergy.com, & stay tuned during the coming weeks for the Scheme Release 👀


Zero FG Energy Drinks is excited to announce our dynamic partnership with radio station 680 The Fan! 📻🔊

Get ready to fuel your passion for sports, entertainment, and more with Zero FG Energy Drinks as we team up with Atlanta's favorite radio station! 🎉🥤

Stay tuned for exclusive contests, giveaways, and electrifying on-air moments that will keep you energized and entertained. We're all about taking your listening experience to the next level! 🚀🎧

Get ready for a blast of energy and excitement with Zero FG Energy Drinks and 680 The Fan! 🎶💥 #ZeroFGx680TheFan #EnergizeYourDay #PartnershipUnleashed #TuneInToWin

Zero FG is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Macon Mayhem, Macon's favorite ice hockey team! 🥅⛸️

We're joining forces with the Macon Mayhem to bring you an electrifying season filled with thrilling moments on the ice! ⭐️ Stay tuned for awesome giveaways, exclusive behind-the-scenes access, and more! 🎉

Let's cheer for our local fighters together as we fuel mayhem for the Macon Mayhem in their quest for victory! 🙌🏒💥

Stay tuned for a season full of action and excitement! 🚀❄️ #ZeroFGxMaconMayhem #FuelingMayhem #AdoptTheMentality #ZeroFG


Zero FG Energy Drinks is thrilled to announce our game-changing partnership with college football sensation, quarterback Carson Beck! 🌟🏆

🔥 This marks the FIRST-ever NIL deal between Zero FG Energy Drinks and a collegiate athlete, and we're proud to be part of this historic moment in college sports history. 🔥

Carson Beck, known for his incredible talent and leadership on the field, is now officially part of the Zero FG family. Get ready to see him on your screens, in our campaigns, and across social media! 📸🎥

We're excited to embark on this journey together, empowering athletes, and redefining what's possible in the NIL era. 🚀 Stay tuned for all the action! 💥🏈 #ZeroFGxCarsonBeck #AdoptTheMentality #ZeroFGEnergy #SaveYourEnergy #GameChanger #NILDeal

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