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Zero FG X The Chive 4th of July Party Recap

Jul 11, 2022

There are all sorts of perks that come with working at theCHIVE, but I’d argue one of the best ones is the Annual 4th of July Pool Party at Gatsby South. It is impossible not to have one of the best damn afternoons of your life, and every year I’ve been able to go has been a highlight of that entire year.


2022 was no different, and while “the usual” activities were here (alcohol, petting zoos, hand-rolled cigars, a DJ with live percussionists), we still managed to have some brand-new chaos to throw into the mix.

WhistlePig Whiskey is not just good it’s a freaking miracle. It is the world’s most awarded rye whiskey afterall. And it was drunk early and often all afternoon at Johnny’s house. Thank you to WhistlePig for all their drinks and for their unwavering friendship!

Learn more about them here!

One of our activities this year was a bounce house, literally powered by our friends at DuroMax, the Leader in Home Power Backup.

They were more than able to handle powering a bounce house, and they gave away one of their XP4500iH Digital Portable Inverters to a lucky party-goer.

Our friends at Volcon gave away one of their badass Brat eBikes at our party!  But don’t worry, Chivers, they didn’t want you to miss out.  You can enter the giveaway for your very own Brat, wrapped with Chive logos, HERE!

A petting zoo in a house. What is this Mrs. Doubtfire?

Our good buddies at VIIA Hemp Co. were also here partying it up with us at the HQ. Psst.. They’re also throwing a huge summer sale on everything from their 50-state-legal THC gummies and vapes to their soothing pain relief topicals. Chivers get an exclusive 30% off sitewide and a free THC+CBD Snozzberry gummy pack when you use code: CHIVESUMMER

Breckin took a nice moment to unwind and enjoy some much due R&R.

Cigar rolling is an annual tradition at John’s house. They smelled amazing!

These frozen cocktail pops are infused with premium spirits, are 100 calories or less, and naturally flavored. They’re hella delicious, friends. Use SLIQSTART for 10% off your first order online today!

Nab some HERE

(Elizabeth has kindly requested that I let you know her Instagram handle is @elizabethkurzweg. The more you know!)

Look, I’m not playing favorites, but it’s undeniable that Zero FG Energy went all-out at our party this year. Not only did they set up a slip-and-slide and a whole bunch of their energy drinks…

…they managed to talk our very own Alex into getting their logo shaved onto his head.

Find out more about Zero FG on their IG page!

Zero FG Energy is packed with bold ingredients like:
-Blue Spirulina
-Green Tea Extract
This delicious citrus-berry flavor explosion is the perfect way to keep the party going. 

(Fun Fact: John was singing “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel in this photo. Not a joke or a bit, I’m on the right side of the photo, I was there, I know what I heard and saw.)

A huge thank you to all of the sponsors who made the 5th Annual 4th of July Pool Party at Gatsby South an even cooler party! We know how to have fun at theCHIVE, but we always appreciate a little help from our friends.

Especially when those friends provide cold drinks on one of the hottest days of the year in the middle of Texas, getting into that amazing pool can only do so much to beat the heat.